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JobSyntax was an employment marketing firm, based in Redmond, Washington, in 2006 and 2007. Founders Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard formed the company at a time when the software industry was rebounding from the early 2000s dotcom bust—and small, unknown tech companies began competing for talent with big, established companies like Microsoft and Google.


JobSyntax helped these small companies and start-ups speak the same language as the software engineers they were hoping to hire. Believing a company’s employees could be far more effective “recruiters” than a paid-per-hire agency or headhunting firm, JobSyntax established the training, tools, and content to create a competitive edge. Services included “recruiting ambassador” and sourcing trainings, marketing and channel strategies, social media content, and branded careers websites and job descriptions.

Later years

JobSyntax took a hiatus in late 2007, but Zoe and Gretchen are still active in the technology and marketing communities. 

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