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JobSyntax: What's next?

Gretchen Zoe

Hello there!  We realize there’s been an extended period of darkness here on the JobSyntax blog, and we wanted to update everyone on the latest with us!  Lately, we’ve found an FAQ to work the best :) so here goes …

zoe and liam


Where’s Zoe?
As many of you know, Zoe's little JobGuy, Liam, was born over 6 months ago now.  Mom, Dad, baby, and kitty cats are all doing extremely well.  After much thought and consideration, Zoe decided to continue being a full-time Mom, at least until Liam’s first birthday.  After that, who knows what the future might bring.  In the meantime, she’s planning to focus 100% on her family and herself ... and just enjoy life with her new little man!

Where’s Gretchen?
Since Zoe went out on leave, Gretchen has been heads-down, focused on a few corporate clients and working with lots of jobseekers.  As of last week, Gretchen re-joined the ranks of the Empire … er, we mean … Microsoft … as a Marketing Manager with the Talent Acquisition & Engagement team (her old stomping grounds!)  She returned as the online content manager for the external web presence and the PM for a program to get employees more involved in attracting awesome talent to the company.  Online communications and employee involvement in the recruiting cycle … two of her favorite topics!  

gretchenLots of people have asked why Gretchen wanted to return to MS, and really, it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up … a chance to work with an incredible team in producing big-time industry-leading employment marketing initiatives … and specifically tackling some seriously cool projects.

Was JobSyntax just sucking or what?
Good question, and actually, no.  JobSyntax lived a good life and served its purpose valiantly.  We started JS so we could 1) work together, 2) gain valuable external experience, and 3) help the underdog … career-minded software engineers and small, resource-strapped employers.  Some things we thought would be difficult were easier than expected; some things we thought would be easy were way more complex than we anticipated; and overall, we learned ~ a billion new things about ourselves – both professionally and personally.

Zoe’s decision to focus on Liam and Gretchen’s decision to return to Microsoft had absolutely nothing to do with the trajectory of the company.  When we started it, it was only a 2-3 year plan anyway, and our journey led us to our “next steps” more quickly than we expected.

What will happen to JobSyntax now?
To be honest, you probably won’t hear much out of us.  One thing we did learn was that – at least for the next phase – we want to focus on our own priorities and be spectators - not necessarily leaders or even participants – in the larger recruit-o-sphere conversation.  But we’ll still be out there, listening, learning, and critiquing. :)  You know us!

But I’m a technical jobseeker and/or hiring manager, and I need help!
Our blog probably won’t have much activity from here on out (check out the archives!), but we’ll still hang around (and hope others will, too!) on our jobseeker and employer forum if you have burning issues.   If you need more personalized help, give us a shout.  Depending on your situation, we may be able to help or find you someone who can … but no promises. ;-)  JobSyntax has now moved from an official labor of love to unofficial shared passion.

Thanks to everyone for a great ride, and we’ll keep seeing (and reading) you around!

Zoe & Gretchen

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Published Wednesday, August 29, 2007 2:33 AM by jobgals
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dahat said:

Well crud and congrats.

Good luck with the evil empire Gretchen, will you return to blogging there?
August 29, 2007 9:44 AM

anothr user said:

One new subscriber from Anothr Alerts
January 13, 2008 9:31 PM
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