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JobSyntax: What’s next?

Hello there! We realize there’s been an extended period of darkness here on the JobSyntax blog, and we wanted to update everyone on the latest with us! Lately, we’ve found an FAQ to work the best so here goes … Where’s Zoe? As many of you know, Zoe’s little JobGuy, Liam, was born over 6 [...]

Degree or no degree?

I’m an incredibly lame blogger of late, I know. Let’s just say I’m taking a little “break.” I think every blogger is entitled to a break every now and then. But anyway … An interesting conversation going on in the comments section of Microsoft’s JobsBlog got me thinking about that age-old communication gap between jobseekers [...]

Microsoft and cool: so close yet so far :)

The cover story in the upcoming issue of Wired focuses on corporate transparency: Get Naked and Rule the World … a topic I’m obviously passionate about. I’m waiting for my hard copy to arrive in the mail, but I did check out the case study on Microsoft by Fred Vogelstein, my favorite Wired writer (who [...]