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This is a remote position and requires an overlap with Asia/Europe timezones

What we’re looking for

Are you a backend wizard who can turn ideas into code? We seek a highly motivated and experienced Founding Backend Engineer – Python to join our team. We are building a first-of-a-kind platform to prevent data issues, rather than simply detecting them after they occur. Altimate AI adopts the shift-left strategy to pinpoint data issues earlier in the data lifecycle, from origin to Git-CI/CD and analytics/ML workflows. As a driving force behind our engineering team, you’ll take ownership of the systems you build and watch the vision come to life.


Why you should join Altimate AI

Projects you may work on

  • Lay out the foundation of backend infrastructure that can scale to millions of request and handle petabyte-scale data using Fast API

  • Develop a statistical data profiler to analyze data in multiple data warehouses and RDBMS

  • Develop a Domain Specific Language (DSL) to set rules for data


  • Influence the product roadmap and architecture decisions.

  • Be the driver for building the engineering culture

  • Take ownership of the systems that you build


  • Multiple years of runway in the bank

  • Backed by prominent investors in the enterprise space

  • Active engagements with top-tier private and public companies



  • 3+ years of experience in Python

  • Deep Knowledge of web frameworks like Flask or FastAPI

  • Experience with cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure)

  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science or related field

  • Bonus: experience in building SQL parsers, AI/ML models, and modeling complex data structures using Graph databases



  • Competitive salary and founding equity

  • Extensive professional development opportunities and resources for continuous learning

  • Dynamic and intellectually stimulating work environment with a team of talented engineers

  • Opportunities to shape the direction of the company and leave a lasting impact


About Us


We’re on a mission to stop data issues before they start, using the power of AI to catch them early and nip them in the bud. No more late-night firefights or angry customers – just smooth sailing and a whole lot of data love.


As a team, we are silicon valley veterans who previously created category-defining data and AI products loved by thousands of companies worldwide. We have experienced the journey of a small startup to IPO very closely. We have started on a similar journey again and are backed by prominent advisors and VC firms with multi-billion dollar portfolios.


How to Apply

Are you ready to join our coven of backend wizards and make magic happen? If so, we want to hear from you! Apply now and let’s cast spells together and build something truly amazing. Don’t be afraid to show us your incantations and potions, we’re excited to see what kind of magic you can bring to the table. So, don’t hesitate, apply now and let’s make magic happen!

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