Remote Senior Software Engineer at Big Think

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Posted 1 month ago

Big Think is a new media publisher exploring the world’s biggest questions with the world’s biggest thinkers. We release short-form interview videos with academics, researchers, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and activists who are grappling with the world’s biggest and most interesting questions.

Big Think and our e-Learning platform, Big Think+, are part of Freethink Media, a platform for people and ideas that are changing the world. Across our two flagship sites, Freethink and Big Think, we publish over 50 new articles and short documentaries every week to a community of more than 13 million followers and subscribers. 

Our learning product, Big Think+, is disrupting the traditional market of bland and generic training content taught by no-name moderators. Big Think+ provides a highly-curated library of expert-led, L&D-designed lessons that enable transformation and drive culture by focusing on developing mindsets and behaviors instead of skills.

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