Remote Sr. Firmware Developer (Rust) at Turing Machines Inc

Full Time
United States
Posted 1 month ago

Turing Machines is looking for a highly skilled and experienced Senior Firmware Developer to join our team. We develop ARM microservers that are equipped with 4 compute nodes and a baseboard management controller (BMC) with Linux. This role is ideal for software developers who are interested in exploring the fields of edge computing, distributed systems, self-hosting. The firmware will also be open source.

This role will involve creating a client-server approach to interact with the firmware API server and CLI client, as well as conducting a simple Power On Self Test at power-up, initializing necessary interfaces, and providing a server API. Our SDK includes u-boot and buildroot for the Allwinner T113-S3 microprocessor, and the firmware will serve like the BIOS for personal computers.

The main goal is to have a solid architecture for all the subsystems, with the ability to modularly extend the firmware for each subsystem. Build a vertical of abstraction from low-level to high-level functions like Kubernetes provider. Start laying out the architecture at a low level.


  • IoT experience
  • Build for ARM
  • Software Design patterns 🧡
  • Rust 🧡
  • GitHub
  • Developer documentation 🧡


  • Contribution into the development of emerging technologies
  • Options + performance bonuses
  • Open-minded and friendly environment
  • One of the first employees and growing startup
  • Work with an awesome community

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