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Senior Java Developer – Streaming – Remote

Salary – Up to £90K + Bonus

The primary focus of this roles is to write and deploy code for the transcoding pipeline. You will play a vital role in the video delivery ecosystem by collaborating with teams responsible for stream acquisition and teams that prioritize a great playback experience for the clients. The systems managed by these roles will be responsible for delivering live video to millions of sports and entertainment users.

The main duties of these positions include the creation and implementation of code for the transcoding pipeline. The successful candidates will be an integral part of the video delivery process, working closely with teams that handle stream acquisition and teams that focus on providing a superior user experience for clients. All live video distributed to a large audience of sports and entertainment enthusiasts will be managed through the systems that these roles oversee.

The responsibilities of these roles include:

Configuring, optimizing, and deploying both in-house transcoding systems and Wowza images.

Additionally, they will be responsible for expanding, maintaining and deploying transcoding and infrastructure management services.

Other duties include managing and deploying transcoding images, adding new functionalities to the transcoding systems, integrating with CDN partners, troubleshooting any production playback issues and assisting the playback QA team in conducting automated tests.

The ideal candidate will have strong skills in Java development, experience working with Kubernetes, a good understanding of AWS infrastructure, and the ability to design and build microservice architecture. Additionally, knowledge of video streaming and OTT technology would be a beneficial asset.

The responsibilities of this role include attending daily stand-up meetings, being proficient in Java development, participating in “Three Amigos” discussions, conducting code reviews, performing production deployments and creating and managing video on demand and live streaming functionality.

Senior Java Developer – Streaming – Remote

Salary – Up to £90K + Bonus

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