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Born from the needs of high-growth, data-driven companies, Mosaic fuels financial planning and business performance. The platform combines big data and machine learning to provide powerful predictive reporting capabilities, leveling the playing field and giving startups tools and insights previously reserved for large enterprises. 

Whether it’s better understanding your cash burn, forecasting spend scenarios or uncovering powerful business insights, Mosaic provides greater visibility into the most important dynamics of the business.

We’re seeking a talented and motivated full-time Technical Program Manager to join our team. You’ll work across teams to guide development work.

Because we’re an early-stage and fully remote company, we’re looking for an individual who can work independently to align the teams involved in building the product. Ability to think on one’s feet, enjoy collaborating with highly technical teams, and be comfortable working asynchronously is essential.

You will work as part of the product team to execute on Mosaic’s core values:

Play to Win:

  • Be a primary driver of the successful delivery of value to Mosaic customers.
  • Coordinate between Engineering, Design, and Product to schedule and guide the development of features in the Mosaic product, and (over)communicate what’s planned to a remote-first team.
  • Handle launch coordination between Engineering, Product, Enablement, and Marketing to ensure that the product features or announcements are understood and marketing and other launch collateral are ready. You’ll also disseminate any changes to plans if needed.
  • Handle project retrospectives involving participants and stakeholders to understand what went well and what should be adjusted in future project work.
  • Understand agile methodologies and know where to apply them.
  • Have a firm but kind approach to holding people accountable to our goals.

Champion the Customer:

  • Be the person who routinely asks the hardest questions about our ability to achieve our goals and what we need to do to ensure our success.
  • Over-communicate (not really possible) and drive for cross-team, upward, sideways and downward alignment.
  • Lead and facilitate key stakeholder meetings such as; squad/scrum team leadership syncs, initiative kickoffs, go-to-market kickoffs, agile ceremonies; such as retrospectives.
  • Provide transparency & awareness around issues, risks, metrics, health of squad/project etc. on an ongoing basis

Make it Better Today:

  • Identify process gaps and develop just the right amount of process to fill the gap: not too much, not too little.
  • Track where later follow-up is needed to address feature shortcomings or technical debt incurred.
  • Measure the things, all of them. Track completion of the roadmap, risk management, communication plan, go-to-market activities in partnership with Product Marketing.

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience as a Technical Program Manager, coordinating with stakeholders and cross-functional teams.
  • Experience as a TPM in a startup environment: there is no launch calendar nor multiple SVPs involved, but there is an entire thundering herd of cats about to disperse and needing help staying together.
  • Ability to give and process constructive feedback, as well as work independently.
  • Ability to communicate openly, supporting and championing innovation and inclusivity, in both written and verbal communication.
  • Flexibility to adjust to the dynamic nature of a startup.

With the Team, You’ll Succeed With These Sorts of Goals:

  • Work as part of a team of engineers and designers to add incredibly valuable features to the Mosaic Strategic Finance platform.
  • Take a holistic view of the product, from customer needs to client applications to the admin console.

Please Keep Reading:

  • Research shows that candidates from underrepresented backgrounds often don’t apply for roles if they don’t meet all the criteria — unlike majority candidates meeting significantly fewer requirements. We strongly encourage you to apply if you’re interested: we’d love to know how you can amplify our team with your unique experience!

Here at Mosaic, we are proud of our diverse workforce, and we strive to continuously strengthen our collaborative team of talented, independent, and kind individuals who are reshaping the world of corporate finance. As an equal-opportunity employer, Mosaic prioritizes the inclusion of all intersectional identities and does not discriminate or tolerate discriminatory behavior or activities. We provide the tools our team members need to operate with a high degree of autonomy, and we embolden all to pursue professional and personal growth. While Mosaic is headquartered in beautiful Del Mar, California, our founders made an early decision to embrace a remote-friendly workplace. Team members are welcome in the office yet free to work from any location that supports their unique lives and lifestyles.

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