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Real Vision helps people understand the complex world of finance, business, and the global economy with real in-depth analysis by real experts through the power of its community.

The company is on a mission to democratize the very best financial intelligence for all and become the one place where everyone lives their financial lives.

This enhanced platform will offer members different learning journeys that put them in control of their finances. Members will be able to watch videos, listen to podcasts, monitor market prices, analyze markets and economies, do technical analysis, create watch lists, read and publish research, monitor their portfolios, execute trades across both Tradfi and Crypto, and contribute to a thriving hive mind community.

We are looking for a VP of Product to help us discover and deliver a world-class experience that feels like magic. Reporting to the Chief Experience Officer, you’ll partner with cross-functional leaders and guide these diverse teams to shape what our members want, need, and are ready for at specific points in their financial journeys.  

Your track record of putting communities and people at the center of everything has contributed to thriving human-centered cultures that make amazing consumer-facing products. Inspiring others to think big while zooming into the details gets you up every morning — not to mention doing things that haven’t been done before. 

What You Will Do 

Experience in these critical areas will set you up for success in this role. 

Consumer Insights

  • Use data to generate actionable insights and set quantified goals
  • Create culture of data-informed decisions within teams and across Real Vision
  • Develop deep empathy for our community and leverage member feedback to make better decisions
  • Understand how members engage with our platform and apps
  • Guide teams to deliver experiences that address pain points, surprise, delight and are dead simple to use

Product Thinking

  • Launch Products that deliver real, measurable value to our community and to the business
  • Help the business frame problems to identify new product opportunities and areas for growth
  • Lead teams in setting goals, strategies, objectives, and KPIs…and help teams stick to ’em
  • Track and improve our product metrics across acquisition, engagement, conversion, and revenue

Cross-Functional Leadership

  • Lead strategic planning to define 0-3 year vision for products
  • Collaborate with other leaders to work towards a clear roadmap of prioritized features and initiatives that deliver against this product vision
  • Proactively solicit diverse perspectives to make others feel engaged and heard before making decisions
  • Help teams develop the right skills and form the right habits to deliver outcomes together
  • Be considered an expert facilitator and highly sought-after thought partner by others
  • Know when to engage expertise from outside the team (or even the company) to get the best outcomes
  • Communicate early about product decisions and performance
  • Engage the right audiences at the right time to encourage action
  • Build capacity for innovation (product & process) within teams and throughout the company
  • Influence team practices across the company

Product Execution

  • Own the overall product roadmap from discovery to delivery
  • Scope initiatives as minimal awesome products that can be shipped at a fast pace
  • Deliver products with bias towards learning quickly, testing key assumptions and constantly iterating
  • Develop new capabilities for hypothesis-driven development and delivery
  • Gather requirements, define functionality, and set clear goals that drive product delivery
  • Assist multiple teams in defining specifications for complex products or cross-platform capabilities
  • Develop product marketing plans in partnership with marketing leadership

Who You Are

  • You have 10 years+ managing cross-functional product teams and product managers
  • You have personalized digital experiences for different personas and their respective user journeys
  • You have shipped digital products with a mix of features developed (a.) in-house and (b.)by 3rd-parties (i.e., lots of integration experience)
  • You have worked across a diverse ecosystem of websites (desktop, mobile), native mobile apps (IOS, Android), OTT apps (AppleTV, Android TV, etc.) vehicle apps (CarPlay, Android Auto), and complex desktop apps (MacOs, Windows, Linux)
  • You have been inside companies or agencies where speed, agility, and constantly shipping features mattered
  • You have startup and/or early growth stage experience
  • You have worked with diverse cross-functional groups that go beyond typical agile software teams
  • You are familiar with agile product management processes…and understand when to deviate from what’s prescribed based on what makes sense for the business
  • You are wired to find solutions, take action, and get concepts out in the wild
  • You embrace and educate other on product thinking
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You lead with positive energy
  • You can juggle multiple things at once in stride
  • You communicate ideas concisely and clearly
  • You are passionate about finance and crypto and enjoy going down those rabbit holes
  • Ideally, you are (or have been) a Real Vision subscriber or member

What we offer:

  • 20 days accrued PTO a year
  • 100% covered health, dental, vision for the individual employee (with full family coverage at a heavily reduced rate)  
  • 4% dollar-for-dollar 401k match after 90 days  
  • Equity grants that vest annually over 3 years. 1/3 vests each year.
  • Real Vision All Access membership

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